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Steps 4) Now for the good stuff! Choose your domain name and your user name and enter them below.

The domain name is the part of the email address after the "@". We recommend choosing the domain that expresses the scriptural concept you feel most strongly about.

The user name is the part of the email address before the "@" sign. Please provide a 3-12 character user name and remember that at FaithNames there's no need to be something generic like SusanB2325 like at the giant free email services. At FaithNames, you can probably just be Susan, or SGB, or whatever you like!. In the unlikely event there's a conflict, we'll email you.

FaithNames email service is $1.95 per month, automatically billed every 3 months for $5.85. Click on the Subscribe button to check out. We'll set up your new mailbox and email you at your current email address within 24 hrs. with your log-in info and temporary password. Welcome to FaithNames!

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Available domains:

  Christ.DiedFor.Us   (Romans 5:8)   (Hebrews 9:26 & 10:10)   (Isaiah 53:5 & John 19:37)   (John 19:30)   (Matthew 27:51)   (1 Timothy 2:6) (1 Timothy 2:6)  






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